View Full Version : Omega 45d

Jeff Genung
14-Sep-2005, 02:13
Does anyone know if the older Omega (Pre-Toyo) 45D used the same lens board as the newer Toyo 45D? Can I just ignore the Omega part, and look for Toyo parts?

Warren Weckesser
14-Sep-2005, 04:43
Someone here probably knows the answer, but you could also ask in the Toyo User Forum. Follow the link from here: http://www.macuserforums.com/

Don Cameron
14-Sep-2005, 17:50
Hi Jeff

I own six Toyo's, and all use the same board except for the 45A witch is a smaller flat style.

This includes all of the 8 X 10 ,and 4X5's. There is one 4 X 5 monorail that has a tapered bellows, that uses a smaller flat field board, but all others use the same board.
any more questions? e-mail me.



Craig Wactor
15-Sep-2005, 16:30
yes, toyo boards fit omega, and vice versa.