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Andrew O'Neill
14-Sep-2005, 00:09
Good day all!

I am in search of some pics of the Tech IV field camera. This is one of my cameras that was stolen. I have pics of all my other cameras except this one. I cannot find any on the web. If you happen to have any, I would be forever grateful if you could email them to me. Thank you very much!

Andrew O'Neill

jose angel
14-Sep-2005, 03:45
Im sorry about it. Do you have the serial number or your camera? Any sign to recognize it? Im sure it will be going to be sold in the used market. Who knows...

J. P. Mose
14-Sep-2005, 05:28
Is it a 2x3, 4x5 or 5x7? Is it a Technika (no rangefinder) or a Super Technika (with a rangefinder)?

J. P. Mose
14-Sep-2005, 05:29
Oops...just saw the 4x5 in the title description....sorry.

Brian Ellis
14-Sep-2005, 16:27
There are some very nice pictures of a Technika IV on ebay right now, item # 7545894642. I assume your only purpose in wanting pictures is to serve as a description of what a Technika IV camera looks like so I don't think there is any problem in your downloading these pictures but if there's any doubt you could ask the seller's permission.

Kirk Keyes
15-Sep-2005, 09:57
Here's a couple of mine:


Frank Petronio
15-Sep-2005, 10:22
Here are photos of a NAKED -- err... NUDE -- Technika


Andrew O'Neill
15-Sep-2005, 16:01
Thanks a million, guys!