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Nodda Duma
23-Jul-2018, 14:48
Hi folks,

I acquired some 4x5 film holders which was unexpectedly loaded with sheet film. I have been trying to determine what type based on the notch code, but canít quite nail it down. After an hourís search Iíve seen a ton of references online but havenít found it. It is similar to Ilford Delta 100 but not quite.. itís like the mirror of Delta 100ís notch code.

Anybody recognize it?


23-Jul-2018, 15:00
That's delta 400 pro, I believe. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notch_code 2/3 down the page.

Nodda Duma
23-Jul-2018, 15:07
Thanks I saw that, but didnít realize/believe Ilford ever made delta 400 in sheet film.

23-Jul-2018, 16:01
Thanks I saw that, but didn’t realize/believe Ilford ever made delta 400 in sheet film.

Now that you mention it, I can see that it appears Ilford doesn't make it in sheet sizes, as you've pointed out. Unless perhaps that notch code is used when Ilford does their annual special order for custom sizes?

I don't know where that information on Wikipedia came from, but it looks pretty obvious that the notch code you have matches what they list as Delta 400.

23-Jul-2018, 16:09
Ilford used to make Delta 400 in sheet sizes. My Uncle shot it in 8x10 and I have seen the negatives and prints both. Very nice. Sure wish they still made it in 8x10 so I could try it. I know my Uncle would use it as he has talked about it a number of times.

Nodda Duma
23-Jul-2018, 16:32
While the kids were flailing around at karate class, I dug further and apparently they produce sheet film sizes in the 1990s. Iíll shoot a couple sheets and see what happens.

Oren Grad
23-Jul-2018, 19:53
The "400 Delta Professional" generation of the product was offered in sheet film sizes; I have a data sheet dated 3/96 that lists it. But the sheet film version was discontinued when "Delta 400 Professional" arrived (the earliest data sheet I have for that is dated Sept 2002).

Bonus fun fact: XP1 was also available as sheet film!

EDIT: On a closer look at the 3/96 data sheet, I see that it says that this notch code was introduced in Sept 1995. 400 Delta Professional sheet film was previously provided with a simpler notch code of three evenly-spaced small "bites". The newer notch code is said to incorporate an Ilford identifier.

Nodda Duma
23-Jul-2018, 20:19
Awesome, Oren! Thank you. So that narrows it down to the 96-01 timeframe. Rule of thumb for B&W is 1 stop / 2 decades (or per decade). So Iíll shoot at 100 or 200 and see what happens.

Methinks Iíll be taking the long way into work tomorrow..