View Full Version : Fujinon F8 300 T tele lens?

Scott Davis
13-Sep-2005, 08:49
Does anyone have any experience with this lens? I'm looking for something in the 300mm tele range for portraits on my 4x5 and for something a bit longer for landscape stuff - currently my longest 4x5 lens is a 210. Does the F8 give you too much depth of field for doing head-and-shoulders portraits, and does the smaller image circle of the telephoto design limit your movements too much when working with landscapes? Does anyone know what the bellows draw at infinity for this lens? I'd get a regular 300/12inch lens but I've got limited bellows draw with my field camera so I can't use a non-tele lens much longer than a 240.

Louis Jensen
13-Sep-2005, 09:30
The 300T is a very nice lens. I have had one for about 15 years. The bellows draw at infinity is about 200mm, 8 inches. It is easy to use on view cameras with 300mm bellows. I have had no difficulties, except due to my own mistakes, with depth of field. It takes a 67mm filter. It will cover a 5x7 negative and I have used it for close up pictures using 8x10 negatives.