View Full Version : Old version of Wista SP - No front swings?!?

Adonis Villanueva
13-Sep-2005, 00:33
Hi all,

I purchased what looks to be an old Wista Metal Field camera with the cheapo vinyl covering made to look like wood. Based on pictures I've seen elsewhere, I think I got the SP version (it has a knob to control back swing movements). However, what I can't figure out is a way to control the front swing - the camera I have does not have a way to accomplish this. Does anybody have the same camera? I know the modern SP/VX is specs - have 15 degree front swings but my camera doesn't, or am I missing something? Either way, I don't use front swings much if any at all (at least I have back swings) but I'm curious.

Here's (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7543538461&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEFS%3AIT&rd=1) the pictures, **My camera is in better shape than what's shown but it's the same camera.


Brian Ellis
13-Sep-2005, 06:17
I know nothing about this camera. Hopefully someone who does will respond but since no one has - the picture shows three knobs on the front (plus a focusing wheel on the bed). I would have guessed that one knob controls tilt, one controls rise, and the other controls swing. The knob that's in the center of the camera just below the front standard looks like the most likely candidate for front swing. What happens when you loosen it and then try to rotate the front standard with your hands? If that doesn't work try loosening all three knobs and see if the front will then swing. If not then maybe this camera just doesn't have front swing.

Garry Teeple
13-Sep-2005, 06:49
If it has front swing it is controled by a small tab on the left side of the lens standard. You push the tab down and swing the front which is held in place by friction. The rear also has the same means for rear swing. The knobs on the side are only micro swing, about four millimeters, and only one should be used at a time. Hope this helps.

Tom Jones
13-Sep-2005, 13:02
I have a Wista 45 Field Camera from the middle seventies . I presume it's what you have - the picture link seems to be dead. No front swings on these early ones. Shift, tilt and rise only. However, you could always rotate the camera 90 degrees, rotate the back 90 degrees to get the format horizontal, and use the front tilt instead.

Adonis Villanueva
13-Sep-2005, 13:38
Yes, I found after closer inspection and several futile twisting of the front standard that it does not have the front swings. However, there are plenty of back swings (+the microswing) so I can't really complain.