View Full Version : Rietschel Linear, eight element lens

J. Patric Dahlen
20-Jul-2018, 04:49
I bought a Rietschel Linear 4,8/120mm that belongs to a 9x12 Rietzschel Clack camera, just for fun. It has eight elements in two groups, faster and better corrected for coma than the Dagor. The 120mm lens is supposed to work well for 9x12, stopped down a bit. I thought I would try it on a 6,5x9 camera, though. The back lens group can be used alone as a long landscape lens, and the camera has a mark for infinity when using the "Hinter Linse". The Compur shutter works fine on all speeds.

There's only one problem. The retaining ring is square and is meant to sit in a frame on the front standard on the camera. None of my normal retaining rings fit, because this shutter is from before standardization. I will probably come up with a solution if I decide to use the lens. Is it worth it? Has anyone here tried the Rietzschel Linear?


Ray Van Nes
20-Jul-2018, 07:49
Hello Patric. I suspect it may be a 0 sized shutter. I have a similar Zeiss 135mm lens with a Compur shutter from 1914. You may be able to replace the square bit of metal with a standard retaining ring. Check the diameter and see if it conforms to a 0 or 1. You should be able to temporarily mount it on say a plywood board to try out the lens. If you like it, folks at SK Grimes can likely help you with a retaining ring or any competent machinist.

20-Jul-2018, 07:52
The retaining square should be no problem with a dedicated lens board, as you can bore a hole in it for the rear group, and drill screw holes just outside the square, and use the outside of the flat screw heads to hold it down...

And a piece of felt, black foam, rubber, etc for a gasket between for a light seal...

Looks like a fun lens!!!

Steve K

J. Patric Dahlen
20-Jul-2018, 11:09
The shutter body is 66mm, same as for the 135mm Tessar. The diameter for the thread is 33mm, which is a little too big or too small for the retaining rings I have for shutters of this size.

I don't use lens boards. All my 6,5x9 and 9x12 cameras are plate cameras for either fixed lenses or the Bergheil bayonet. :) I can probably mount the lens on a Zeca 9x12 camera I haven't used much, by making a small "lens board" out of some thin material and glue a thin rubber mat on it, then put it inside the bellows against the front standard together with the "retaining square", and then screw on the shutter. Maybe use a washer if needed. It could work as a temporary solution.

Jim Noel
20-Jul-2018, 13:54
Easy enough to cut the square retainer to make it into a round one.

J. Patric Dahlen
21-Jul-2018, 03:41
Easy enough to cut the square retainer to make it into a round one.

Yes, but then it wouldn't be original. I'm contemplating it, though. The front standard on the camera is a bit bent and has zink pest, so I doubt it's worth restoring it anyway.