View Full Version : Agfa NewsFilm iso and developing

19-Jul-2018, 12:22
Anyone of you dear Fellows have experience with this material?
what is the sesnitivity and procedure to take upon?
I will appreciate your say.

Oren Grad
19-Jul-2018, 18:04
A bit of searching reveals that it's a red-sensitive graphic arts/image setter film, still marketed under the name Alliance Recording HNU:



From the specifications it's got a pretty narrow spectral sensitivity curve, so in pictorial work it would be for special effects only, even assuming you could develop it to some tolerably low contrast. Anybody's guess what processing recipe you'd need to do that.

20-Jul-2018, 00:01
Thanks Oren. Indeed, I found similar results online as you.
Posted here hoping that some one had any other experience.

Mark Sampson
20-Jul-2018, 09:17
ajsikel, I would run some tests, treating it like Kodak Technical Pan. Lots of exposure, using a very dilute (thus low-energy) developer. Formulary TD-3(?) is meant for Tech Pan (and similar microfilms) and worked well for me some years ago. I'm not sure if they will ship to Poland/UK but there may be a similar product readily available where you are. You're way off the map here, so I expect it will take a few tries. But that's how you learn things- good luck!

21-Jul-2018, 07:13
Mark, many thanks for your thoughts. Very very appreciate that.regards.