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17-Jul-2018, 15:43
Portra 4x5 sheets are sealed like chocolate in a paper bag, which are a bit tedious to open in the dark.

I'm having to rip the edge of the bag to get to the film, which means the sheets left in the box are only just covered. The Ilford plastic bags give me much more peace of mind for the unexposed sheets.

Is this packaging unique to Kodak? What's the "proper" way to open the bag!?

Liquid Artist
17-Jul-2018, 19:43
I have only experienced it with Kodak film, and it is even on my 8x10 sheets.
If I remember about it I use a pair of scissors, otherwise I just tear it carefully.

I do like it since I feel that the film is sealed better.
I have transferred the film over to ilford packaging at times, and just left it in the factory packaging other times.

18-Jul-2018, 01:12
I have enough film holders to load all the film in one go, so there's no need to store a partly opened film box.

18-Jul-2018, 07:01
Just tear the top off. That's what I do. If you keep the unexposed film in the film box, the foil packaging shouldn't matter (though I usually keep the unexposed film in the foil just to help protect it from scratches and dust). Since the box has two tops and one bottom that goes between them, you've got two 90 degree angles for the light to pass through to hit your film. That makes it pretty much light tight. So you don't need the foil for protection from light. I've never had an issue with it before. But one thing I do is I tape the box shut with some blue masking tape. Basically, just at the ends where the original label taped the box shut. The only reason for that is if I drop the box or something, it doesn't pop open. In fact, when I send my color film out for developing, I ship them in these boxes to keep the film away from light.

I actually prefer the Kodak box system to other systems, like say Rollei's with just a single top and bottom to their box, and an oversized bag to keep the film in. The oversized bag can put pressure on the box and make it harder to keep closed. But, I've never had a problem with that system either, so it's not a strong preference.

18-Jul-2018, 12:00
Agree all the way with Jim10219, in all respects. Although I would prefer a properly sized plastic inner bag like e.g. Foma's inside Kodak's triple box. The Kodak bag is vastly superior to any plastic bag - as long as it's factory sealed. Beyond that point, it doesn't add much in terms of e.g. moisture protection, which a plastic baggie does.

18-Jul-2018, 12:03
I don’t find that the inner packaging really adds any value to the 3-part box. I dispose of them upon opening.