View Full Version : R.H. Phillips 4x5 Feedback From Experienced Users

Bruce E. Steffine
8-Oct-1999, 03:03
I would like to hear from experienced users of the Phillips 4x5. I will be purch asing my first 4x5, and am leaning towards the Canham DLC but would like to know more about the Phillips.

Ellis Vener
8-Oct-1999, 05:11
Is this the one that is partially made from salvaged sunken "old growth" logs?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Oct-1999, 20:41
Aaahhrr Matey! Shiver Me Timbers!

Paul Mongillo
13-Oct-1999, 13:57
Hi Bruce,

I think you will have a difficult time finding too many comments on the Phillips 4x5. It is just too new. I am also interested in this camera. I have had two very informative talks with Dick Phillips about the camera and its options. He has even done a little testing for me concerning ground glass options. The bottom line is that you can buy the camera and, if you don't like it and return it within either ten of fifteen days, you can get your money back. You will have to pay shipping and insurance.

I have ruled out several cameras including the Canham (I think) and am down to the Phillips 4x5 and the Arca-Swiss F line Field camera. I have only been into large format for about a year now and this will be my second camera. I have learned that you need to have them in your had to see if they are right for you.

Good luck.

jim knipe
17-Apr-2001, 17:52
The lightest, sturdiest, most beautifully crafted and innovative large format around. I have owned several other makes, and i wouldn't consider using anything but the Phillips. Hard to get, but BUY ONE if you can find