View Full Version : Developing E6 Colortec + Jobo CPE2

13-Jul-2018, 04:08
Please I have some doubts about times and veolcity.

Do you use this table?? Or this table is only to manual agitation? do you reduce? Please can you share with me your times and tricks. I send you a copy of my first slides.

I follow Tetenal Guide colortec
5 min prewash
6 min 15 seg - FD
2 min 30 seg - wash
6 min - CD
2 min 30 seg - wash
6 min - BX
4 min - wash
1 min - STAB

The slide on the left is Fujifilm Sensia and the slide on the right is Kodak Ektachrome 100D (i think this film is damaged)

Thank You