View Full Version : type 55 unexposed edges on neg with front swing

michael sercombe
11-Sep-2005, 05:50
just staring out with LF and polaroid type 55 and Im having problems with unexposed edges on the negative (looks like a straight black line on the print) when I put front swing on the camera. can anyone explain where I am going wrong please?

11-Sep-2005, 07:38
Clean your rollers?

steve simmons
11-Sep-2005, 09:04
It could be vignetting from a lens not having an image circle big enough for the amount of movement being used.

steve simmons

Bill Jefferson
11-Sep-2005, 09:45
where is the straight black line? IF its on the tab end, in the picture area of the print then the envelope was not pushed in all the way into the cap

David A. Goldfarb
11-Sep-2005, 09:51
If it only happens when you use front swing, then I'd agree with Steve Simmons--you are probably exceeding the image circle of the lens. If it's a wide lens, this might be hard to see on the groundglass, and you'll just need to experiment to learn how much movement you can use with this particular lens.

Jim Edmond
11-Sep-2005, 12:01
Perhaps the bellows is blocking the light path.

Donald Qualls
11-Sep-2005, 12:41
Image circle limitations will *never* produce a sharp or straight edge; they'll always be a gradual fade with a circular arc. Much more likely is bellows vignetting, which (if close to the film) would produce a rather sharp edge and would almost always produce a straight edge.