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Rich G.
11-Jul-2018, 14:02
What is the image circle for 4x5 camera.

Dan Fromm
11-Jul-2018, 14:45
152 mm straight on with no movements. That's the minimum circle covered. If you want to use movements, you'll need a lens with more coverage.

Rich G.
11-Jul-2018, 14:54

Jeff Keller
11-Jul-2018, 16:20
A good resource reached from the LF Home Page:

11-Jul-2018, 17:17
I tend to use the diagonal of the film itself, which for 4x5 is 163mm.

That provides some insurance because the image quality close to the
edge of the lens' image circle may not be up to expectations.

- Leigh

Rich G.
12-Jul-2018, 11:32
Thanks to all.