View Full Version : A good 8x10 film holder bag

David Hempenstall
10-Sep-2005, 16:14

Just thought I'd let you all know about a good little bag for 8x10 holders.

Went down to a 'CompUSA' store today and found a Sony neoprene laptop sleeve for 15 inch models. It has a simple zip running around the edge and easily holds four double-darks. Snug with a little padding for protection.

Only US$25, so I thought it was a pretty decent buy.

Can't find it on their website, so I don't know how common they are.


J. Wolfe
10-Sep-2005, 21:13
I like the "Aritic" coolers found in WalMart's sporting goods department. They'll hold a half dozen holders and have outside pockets for miscellany. At about $13, I like the price too.

Anyway, how many holders does the CompUSA product hold?

David Hempenstall
10-Sep-2005, 22:57
It holds four film holders.

I called them double-darks in the first post. A common term used in some countries.

This bag is a simple neoprene sleeve, no pockets on the outide etc. I slide it into the small pack with my Kodak. Nothing to hang up on when it is pulled out etc.

Living out of a backpack means that I wouldn't want to carry more holders.

I went into a Walmart for the first time today (I'm from Australia). I laughed at how HUGE that place was..... I couldn't find anything, just spent my time in there lost!


Scott Rosenberg
11-Sep-2005, 03:29
here's another good option... it's got an eva molded shell for a bit of protection:


i plan to use one for my Arca 8x10 format kit and a second for holders.

Scott Rosenberg
11-Sep-2005, 03:31
or, one of these for holders:

and this one for the format kit:

that should do nicely.

David Hempenstall
11-Sep-2005, 12:56

that first case logic neoprene sleeve is almost identical to what I got.... and a better price.


Mark Sawyer
12-Sep-2005, 11:50
BTW, you can now buy zip-lock bags for 8x10 holders on ebay :


Only $10 + $6 shipping. Or you can buy them at the grocery store for $4.

I buy these, and they work well, but they only last a few outings per bag. Anyone found something better or longer-lasting for keeping dust out? (I have a nice insulated carrying bag, but in the dusty southwestern U.S., I like to double-bag.)

Chad Jarvis
12-Sep-2005, 14:03
I use plain old white kitchen garbage bags to keep dust out. They don't last forever, but they're cheap and effective and are big enough to accomodate 11x14 holders.