View Full Version : 121mm super angulon in Compur shutter vs. copal

10-Sep-2005, 09:28
Does anyone know if the 121mm SA in the compur is the same as the 121mm SA in the copal?
ie same image circle and performance sharpness wise?

Ted Harris
10-Sep-2005, 10:14
There is no reason why the performance should not be the same as long as the lens elements were either factory mounted in the Compur or were properly remounted by someone experienced. Schneider lenses (and Rodenstock for that matter) were, as long as the shutters were available, provided in Copal, Compur and Prontor professional shutters. The Compur and Prontor shutters became much more expensive than the Copal shutters during the last ten yers or so of their manuufacture hence so many more sales in Copal shutters. I actually prefer the Compur Shutter as its diagrapham has more blades than the Copal (probably more of a theotetical than real advantage the vast majority of the time). My Super Symmar XL 110 and Apo Sironar W 150 are in Compur shutters, both modern all black. I would guess that the shutter on the SSXL was near the end of the line for Compur shutters.

Mark Sampson
12-Sep-2005, 11:16
My (1963) 121 SA is in its original Compur shutter, with a barrel around it that makes it look a little different- but the function is the same. I don't care for the old-style non-geometric shutter speeds, or the non-linear f/stop settings, but those are minor quibbles. It's quite sharp and on 4x5 it has more coverage than the camera has movements. I can't imagine that they would have made different optical designs for different shutters.