View Full Version : HorsemanVHR rangefinder calibration

G.Franco Manitto
10-Sep-2005, 09:28
Hy Everyone,

I have a Horseman VHR in very good condition, but after some use, also if not very rought, I noticed the rangefinder was not ever accurate.

Moreover, to see in the viewfinder the lens frames in their full brightness, it is necessary to shift low the eye from the optical axis, that is very uncomfortable from the composition side.

Does anybody know how to performe a rangefinder calibration? Or at least how to safely dismantle the viewfinder assembly in order to"see" what can be done to correct the problems?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Oren Grad
10-Sep-2005, 10:17
You've mentioned two problems.

I've always found the viewfinder frames on my VH-R to be difficult to see - I think it's inherent in the design. I think it might help a bit if you have the rubber eyecup - the one for my camera is missing - but it still depends on positioning your eye in exactly the right place, and on how the light around you is falling on the camera.

About the rangefinder, a few years ago I had my VH-R adjusted by Konny Lang of Atlantic Camera Repair. He did a good job. I'm not sure whether he's still in business, but here's the old contact info - you can try contacting him:

tel (516) 587-7959

276 Higbie Lane
West Islip, NY 11795

Good luck!