View Full Version : Photox 6789 - Any user's??

paul owen
10-Sep-2005, 06:51
Hello to all. Anyone out there using a Photox 6789 Medium Format view camera? I've searched - with very little success and wondered whether anyone had any views/pointers/images etc on/of it? TIA Paul

Frank Petronio
10-Sep-2005, 19:38
Is that one of those Chinese eBay wonders?

paul owen
11-Sep-2005, 03:48
Hi Frank. No its a small, wooden field camera designed to take roll film backs only. From what I can gather they were exported in very small numbers a few years ago - I remember seeing one on display in Robert White's about 6 years ago. They accept lenses from (I think) 47 - 135mm and the camera, when folded, is only some 11x16x7cms in size. It has rear tilt and front rise/fall, tilt and swing. Just wondered if anyone was using one?

Paul H
11-Sep-2005, 14:59
I haven't used one, but there was one relatively recently (last two to three months) on ebay UK.

I did do a little bit of research on the net, and there was a small amount of info.