View Full Version : copal 0 change to Rollei electronic shutter 0 problem

6-Jul-2018, 19:51
Hi all.

I just purchase a rollei electronic shutter 0,is ready change my copal 0 shutter.But i find rollei larger volume than copal.The thickness of the two is also different.Rollei 0 rear bayonet size 7mm larger than copal 0.

So i have two problems
1: If i need much gasket at front lens group ? I don't want to lose my infinity.

2: How to solve the problem that the rear bayonet is bigger than the standard copal 0?

3:I compare the rollei 0 with schneider shutter 0 at F5.6, it seems rollei 0 aperture caliber is more large than schneider.Where mistake ? How to modify lens initial minimum aperture at rollei 0 shutter at rollei control s ?180166

Dan Fromm
7-Jul-2018, 05:05
What matters is the shutter's tube length, not the shutter body's thickness. The #0 standard has a 20 mm tube.

See http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?111305-Can-you-change-from-copal-to-electronic-shutter-yourself and hope that Bob Salomon will notice this discussion and respond. You might want to PM him.

17-Jul-2018, 19:45
Anyone can help me?

Dan Fromm
18-Jul-2018, 05:07
Anyone can help me?

PM Bob.