View Full Version : bellows fitting

9-Sep-2005, 22:24
I need a little advice.

My tapered bellows of the Sinar-Norma 8x10 has been shot a little.

So I'd like to change it to new one.

Is the new-type bellows of the Sinar P,F fit on this ? Thanks.

andy bettles
10-Sep-2005, 07:08
No,unfortunatly not.The back frame of the newer bellows(P,P2) is substantially larger than the back frame of the Norma.
I've had a few new Norma bellows made by Camera bellows in the UK and they come highly recommended.

J. Wolfe
10-Sep-2005, 13:42
Try contacting this guy. He specializes in Sinar items and may have one in stock for you.

george brown [apogeebee@hotmail.com]