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John C Murphy
9-Sep-2005, 14:07
I notice my relatively new Schneider lens is forming a whitish haze on one of the internal elements. Currently, it is only on the outer one-third of the lens, but it seems to be slowly encroaching on the center. What it it? Do I need to send it to Schneider to be cleaned?

9-Sep-2005, 14:33
Hi John,

I was wondering: which lens is it?

John C Murphy
9-Sep-2005, 14:41
The lens is the SSXL80.
The affected element seems to be the second from the front, so it is not accessible to me.

9-Sep-2005, 14:59
I got the same problem. The seller helped me to deal with Schneider. They actually were very helpful and effective.
We expect a very good customer service for one of their best lens series, don't we?
If you need more detail you could contact me by email directly.

Alex Lee
11-Sep-2005, 02:31
This is not isolated case if you search this forum. Two brand new SS80XLs at my local dealer also had the same problem, and the third one was good and I bought it. Not sure what caused the problem though.

Ling Z
12-Sep-2005, 19:03
Mine had the same problem, and I returned it to Badger Graphic. Thanks for their excellent service, they replaced it with a new one. You may check another thread here: http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/498280.html#513446