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tor kviljo
9-Sep-2005, 08:56
Owning an old Kardan Color 5x7 and trying to get to know the family, I spotted a used Linhof Kardan 8"x10" for sale at a great price. The camera is, however, looking different than any type kardan I have seen so far. Seller calls the camera Linhof Kardan Standard, and it have a non-tubular black aluminium monorail with focussing track on top, U-standards, but not with tubular rods (for rise/fall) as on the Color, B/Bi/GTL kardans that I have seen (1970 - recent cameras), rather having the U-standards made of square rails of aluminium. Camera is all black, detachable back for V/H, using something looking like an ordinary Kardan to technika adapter board for lenses. Price for (rather well used but working) camera body is approx US $$ 500 which is so cheap (for a Linhof 8x10 monorail) that I consider buying it (possibly putting my home-made-8x10 adapter-back project on the shelf...). However, not knowing this model, could anyone (hopefully You know this one as well mr. Salomon?) fill me in about vintage, quality/weak points & experience in use: is it a simplified model with reduced movement or stability, or just a step in the evolution on the way from 1950's Color Kardan to the GTL of today?.

I didn't find any useful answers doing a search, as it's difficult to understand which cardan model is discussed when not all about model-info is included, so if this question have been asked before, here it is again!

Thanks for any info!

Bob Salomon
9-Sep-2005, 09:32
This was the basic 810 camera based on the rail from the SC JBL 45 camera. It was a good basic camera with limited movements. It uses the standard Kardan lens boards or, with the adapter, Technika 45 or 57 boards - depending on the adapter. The back is the standard Kardan 810 back but the bellows is a specially made shorter bellows then the GTL, GT, TL, TE, etc. 810 bellows.

Unlike other 810 Kardans from the B to the current models the back does not rotate a full 360 so the camera does not fold flat for transport like all 810 models starting with the B.

The 810 Standard has center movements and was a good basic starter camera without the huge direct displacements of the B and later models. It was sold in the 1980s.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Sep-2005, 11:21
I saw a nice TL recently with 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5 backs going for $1600 (probably negotiable--a consignment item) at a small shop in Honolulu. If you're interested (or anyone else), send me an e-mail and I'll give you the contact info for the shop. I have no personal interest in the sale, but it's a nice local place with no internet presence that may become one of the last sources of sheet film in Hawai'i, so I think it would be good to support them.

Bob Salomon
9-Sep-2005, 16:39
"I saw a nice TL recently"

That the one in Kona at the Lighthouse?

David A. Goldfarb
9-Sep-2005, 17:05
No idea where it was originally, but it was on consignment at Imageworks in Kaimuki. It belonged to a local commercial photographer. I suspect it wouldn't be too hard for you to figure out who it was, Bob. They also had a Linhof 4x5" fresnel sitting on the clearance table for $15 in a box marked "Linhof 4x5" Grid Overlay," and I had my Tech V with me at the time, so I bought it as a spare.

tor kviljo
12-Sep-2005, 01:51
Thanks for info, Mr. Salomon! Seems thus to be a basic linhof monorail of OK quality to a great price. I guess I will have it in my posession in a week or so (from germany) ...