View Full Version : Looking for a source of empty film boxes

1-Jul-2018, 14:35
Hi, new here, I'm just getting started with large format and analog photography in general. I recently purchased a 4x5 camera and a variety of lenses and other large format stuff as well as a 100' roll of 4" B&W film which I plan to cut down to use. That should give me about 240 sheets of 4x5 film, the trouble is I have no boxes to store it in and I cant seem to find a supplier of film boxes. Does anyone here know where I could find enough to store my film in?

1-Jul-2018, 15:01
Hi ?name?, and welcome aboard.

PM me your address and I'll send you a couple.

When you cut sheets from the roll, be sure to cut a small notch in the upper right-hand corner, with the emulsion facing you and the 4" dimension lateral.

That's the only way you can identify the sheet for proper loading. That's how you hold the film when loading it into a filmholder. I __assume__ you got a bunch of filmholders in your pile.

- Leigh