View Full Version : Do pop-up/extension (not recessed) Technika lensboards exist?

30-Jun-2018, 22:20
I have a Wista 45SP that takes Technika-style lensboards. The lensboard is slightly recessed on a 45SP. Unfortunately, if you try to mount a lens in a Copal No.3 or No.3S into the camera, you can't get your fingers to most of the controls and half of them can't move. I now have 2 lenses that are in big shutter and I can't use them on the little camera. Does anyone how if there's some sort of an extended or pop-up lensboard (the exact opposite of a recessed lensboard) exist that'll take a big Copal on one end and be a Technika board on the other?

BTW, I am assuming that since Technika lensboards aren't the same front and back that I can't simply take a recessed lensboard, flip it around backwards in the camera, and install the lens on the "wrong" side.

30-Jun-2018, 22:56
What you are looking for is an extension board or a tophat board. Available new from China on eBay from a variety of sellers, one example:


As for flipping the board around, I have some off-brand boards can be be flipped around. I think normal Linhof ones don't.

I guess you don't need that much extension though. I found this Copal 3 board with only slight extension:


Bob Salomon
1-Jul-2018, 02:22
Yes, Wista makes some. But you should be OK on just a flat board. Have you tried one?

1-Jul-2018, 08:51
Yes, Wista makes some. But you should be OK on just a flat board. Have you tried one?


Yes, Bob, I tried the incredibly simple answer before I asked the internet about spending more money. No, it's not possible to use a Copal No3/3S on the 45SP if you actually want to use any of the controls, flash sync, and cable release.