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Antonio Corcuera
7-Sep-2005, 08:09
Just arrived from a 3 week trip to Chile. Itinerary: Barcelona-Frankfurt-Sao Paulo-Santiago and same back.
Number of x-ray scans on film: 4 (Barcelona, Santiago, Santiago, Frankfurt). I expected more. Transit in Sao Paulo doesn't requiere scanning, as does flying via Buenos Aires.
Hand inspections: 1 (Frankfurt, re-entering Europe, short camera check, couple of laughs, "that's a camera?")
Film carried: Provia 100F 4x5 sheets and 120 rolls. No fogging at all.
As a test, I carried an exposed ISO800 35mm film, which did show some fogging. Next time I'll take a 400 film to see how that goes...
Carried Sinar case as hand luggage + manhattan portage shoulder bag with film and documents - no problems at all. When flying back they wanted me to check-in the case, but after explaining it was a camera and a delicate piece of equipment, they let me carry it on.
Just wanted to share the experience. Although there are lots of users in this forum with bad airline travelling with LF experiences (actually having stopped taking their LF gear on international flights), mine was fine and straight forward. Best,

Spencer Cliss
8-Sep-2005, 12:54
Thanks, I found that report useful. Regards, Frank.

Scott Rosenberg
9-Sep-2005, 03:00
thanks for the useful report, antonio. very helpful.

Michael Ting
12-Sep-2005, 02:05
anybody ever tried those x-ray shield bag? the bag supposedly contains metal elements, and they feel like metal. I got one when in Japan, Hakubo is the brand. But I've never really tried it...

David A. Goldfarb
12-Sep-2005, 09:43
Yes, I use the lead bags. I figure they should at least reduce exposure. Occasionally, I'm asked to remove the contents so they can be X-rayed, and I comply, but 9 times out of 10, they see the bag, see the camera gear, and trust that I'm legitimate. I also have a separate case containing all the things that seem to attract the suspicion of the inspectors, and I put it in my checked luggage--cable releases, Linhof rangefinder cams, little tools like spanners, micro-tool, screwdrivers, etc. I don't often get stopped for hand inspections as a result. Most of the inspectors have been gentle with the equipment, but I'm more worried about mishandling of equipment or inadvertant opening of a box of film than I am about X-rays.

If you have an old Film-Shield bag, you might get a newer one. They've gotten thicker in recent years. There is even a heavy-duty one made for low to medium speed films for use in checked baggage.

Michael Ting
12-Sep-2005, 19:50
Thanks, David. Perhaps travel with film isn't as bad as it seems.