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7-Sep-2005, 05:57
Hi all,

I have a Nikkor 75/4.5, a Nikkor 90/4.5 and a Schneider 80 XL and a 110 XL + a few longer lenses.

I would like to ask a question to those who have used either the Schneider 72 XL or 90 XL.

Would the 229@22 image circle of the 72 XL make the difference with my Nik 75 200@16 image circle ?

Same question for the Nikon 90/4.5 with its 235 mm IC vs the 259 mm of the Schneider.

I do mainly landscapes and I was just once out of IC with the 75mm when I tried to get the upper side of a hill. In that instance I used a 55 Rodenstock but the wide angle effect seemed a bit too much


Ben Diss
7-Sep-2005, 06:42
A bit of a collector are we?

I can't answer your question, but I am curious what value you see in the Nikkors given that you have the Schneider 80mm?



Eric Woodbury
7-Sep-2005, 10:08
I have the 72mm lens which I use for 5x7. On this format it is exceptionally wide. There is some light fall off as I don't use the CF. I'm not really sure what your question is, but I suppose if you have a larger image circle, there would be less light fall off for an equivalent lens with a lesser circle. You can check the specs at Schneider's website. One cannot always use all the circle unless one's camera is very flexible. This is a problem with my field camera.

Eric Leppanen
7-Sep-2005, 10:51
How much coverage you need is a function of your individual shooting style. Some landscapers (like myself) use lots of coverage, others (the majority I would say) need only moderate coverage. Whether the additional coverage of the Schneider XL's is valuable or not, only you can determine.

Personally I frequently run out of coverage with my SS80XL. But I find the SA 72XL too bulky for my taste, so I've decided to live with the 80.

7-Sep-2005, 13:19
I had the Nikkors but I bought the 80 xl for its wonderful mix of weight/coverage and sharpness. My other lenses are Schneiders.

Sometimes I feel there is something missing between the 80 and 55 but a 65 has a too small IC so I think I'm gonna go for the 72xl

The 75 Nikkor is planned to go on the next Fotoman 617 Pro (something of a Gilde) that should come out soon. I'm thinking of you Paul.

Regards and one thought to the people who are living hell in NO.

Daniel Geiger
7-Sep-2005, 14:32
I recently upgraded from a Schneider 90 f/8 to the Schneider 90 XL, because I ran the f/8 out of coverage on 4x5. I've tried quite a few contortions with the XL, but it is impossible to run out of coverage on the Arca F-line. I think also (though haven't properly tested it), that at the same amount of movement, the XL has better image quality, than the f/8; makes intuitively sense.

I also bought the CF for it, and use it on half of the shots. Just depends what the scene is.

The XL is a beast, to be sure. But if I bother setting up LF for better image quality, why compromise on the lens? Sounds to me penny wise, but pound foolish. OTOH, as some have pointed out, if you don't need it (i.e., shoot infinity landscapes with minmal movements), then a smaller lens will just do fine.

8-Sep-2005, 18:01
my 72 xl is sharper than the 75 apo grandagon N, and the 75 super angulon MC that i previuosly had (not the lates versions actually both from the 80's), and the image circle is much wider, but don't forget to buy the CF if you plan to use a lot of movements !
I even made side by side comparison with RZ KL lens and it's very close !

The main problem with the 72xl is the size of filter, and it's even more a problem when you use the CF... sometimes i 'm dreaming of the 80xl just for that reason !