View Full Version : Lack of Provia 100F (RDP III) in Japan

Jamal Morris
8-Dec-1999, 03:41
I recently looked for the new Provia at Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo and was told b y a salesperson that Fujifilm has no plans to market the RDP III emulsion in Jap an. Does anyone know why?

James Chow
10-Dec-1999, 00:32
I know someone who wrote to Fujifilm in Tokyo asking the same question. The response was that they were still developing the film and it wasn't ready for market yet. That certainly doesn't explain why I just bought 120 and 4x5 RDPIII from B&H and on the back of the box, it says 'made in Tokyo by Fujifilm'. :-) My guess is that there's no intention of marketing it here, or they're trying to modify the film's characteristics to be more suitable to Japanese tastes. Instead, there's a new Fujichrome Trebi available only in 135 format.