View Full Version : Don't try this at home!

John Kasaian
21-Jun-2018, 11:26
Zabriskie Point; Yosemite National Park, California
Zabriskie Point is in Death Valley, but msn says Yosemite, so msn must be true, right?

21-Jun-2018, 11:33
My Uncle does a photo workshop each year here with another noted photographer and we see "GPS says it is a road" at times. Worst case took a 12 wheel Versatiled Tractor and 100 feet of chain to pull out the stuck Jeep station wagon 4WD. Sunk so far into the mud and muck they had to crawl out the windows as the doors were blocked by the mud.

Big tractor pulled it and when it came loose sounded like a wine cork as it popped loose.

Leszek Vogt
21-Jun-2018, 11:36
Yeah John, look for El Capitan in DV. Maybe the edit involved some cannabis ?....or someone's head was overheated....or both. They are suppose to have 111 deg today.