View Full Version : Please Help Me Identify This Lens!

Peter Gomena
15-Jun-2018, 11:28
I can find very little information about this lens or its manufacturer. It is a Peerless Quick Acting lens, apparently a Petzval (One front reflection, two rear). Logo reads either MS Co or SM Co, the number 490 appears on the barrel above the logo. (See pictures) Correspondence included with the lens and camera it came on is dated 1890, but the camera and lens may be a little older.

Total length with front lens shade is 6", 4-1/2" without the shade. Diameter of front and rear elements is 2-5/8" or about 65-67mm. It came with 2 Waterhouse stops.

This lens way outside my area of knowledge, so I'd really appreciate any information about type, manufacturer, approximate date.

Thanks in advance!


Steven Tribe
15-Jun-2018, 14:29
This is the link you need!


Scovill Manufacturing Company.

Peter Gomena
15-Jun-2018, 14:51
Thanks, Steven! I was trying to remember the name of that site. Now it's bookmarked. Very helpful!

20-Jun-2018, 06:02
I have several of these, after discovering their Morrison connection (CC Harrison's manufacturing lead) years ago. They're very good petzvals. Somewhere on this site there are discussions. Here are two of mine in front.