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6-Sep-2005, 07:56
I have a MPP 5x4 MK.VII Microtechnical camera which has a spring back and a MPP 6x9 back.
I can't fit the back on the camera. Maybe I have been doing it wrong.
Can anyone please tell me how to fit the back on it?

Paul Cutler
6-Sep-2005, 13:20
Hi Ron,
I have one of these backs and a Mark VIII which I imagine works in a very similar way to your Mark VII. Basically you have to take off the entire 5*4 back including the ground glass. You do this by lifting the metal hinges that join the back to the camera out of their sockets. Then you are left with a camera with a big hole at the back! You then place your 6*9 back in this space and lower what they call the graflock bars. These are controlled by sliding the two metal sliders that are on the top and bottom of the rotating part of the back that you did not remove when the 5*4 back came off. To be honest for a while I did not realise these sliders had a function and thought they were either cosmetic or used to push your thumbs on when you rotate the back. When you push these graflock bars what happens is little pieces of metal come out from the rotating back which lock the 6*9 back in place. It sounds complicated and I am sure my description is not totally clear but when you play around with the backs (having got the 5*4 back off) it all becomes clear. Also, you may be aware of the brilliant MPP club at www.mppusers.freeuk.com , they have a special section on roll film backs at www.mppusers.freeuk.com/rollfilm.htm

I think the MPP is a lovely camera and great fun - hope you get the back working soon

best wishes


6-Sep-2005, 13:56
Thanks Paul. I got it