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13-Jun-2018, 09:16
This is the first Voigtlander C lens in my possession after going through a few hundred in the past 10 years:) Not sure how many are out there. From what I can find, it is supposed to shorten the distance by about 1/4 by replacing the back group and also increase the illumination in the proportion 9:16. What does this mean actually? The lens was from a studio camera for portrait in the old days.


Steven Tribe
13-Jun-2018, 13:01
Do you mean the pre-series engraving Euryscopes? There are now 7 early Euryscopes engraved "C" in the list here. Last post was updated in May.


13-Jun-2018, 16:12
Interesting! I haven't been following the posts on C in the past, but mine is consistent with the other serial numbers mentioned here: 228XX. This is the first one engraved with C and nothing else other than the Voigtlander info out of the hundreds of brass lenses of all kinds through my hands in the past. From the shape and size, this seems more like a III instead of VI.


Steven Tribe
14-Jun-2018, 13:12
From the span of serial numbers, it looks like a very short production run! I would interested in your source about the shorter focal length of the rear lens. I was pretty sure that all Euroscopes are symmetrical and this is also my experience with parallel model in 1876/7, the III. I am tempted to suggest that the C models are the same as the III (A,B and C and 1,2 and 3.

14-Jun-2018, 16:29
Hi Steven,

After a careful comparison, I am now inclined to think the Cs are just the pre VIs. Please take a look at the photo with C on the left, a VI No.4 in the middle and VI No.5 on the right. One correction: my serial number on the C is 220XX, no 228XX as I said in the first post. I think they decided to call it VI instead after a few hundreds of them were sold successfully. My C and the No.4 are exactly the same in size and diameter.


Steven Tribe
15-Jun-2018, 01:42
It is a long time since I had a look at my pre-series marked III. I seem to remember is was somewhere between the (later) VI and IV series. Which is not unusual - the larger Euryscopes do not hold the advertised speeds!

I'll do a better measurement of the F value/focal length etc. later to-day - when I am finished with necessary Greenhouse work!

Your serial number isn't 22089 is it? Because it is already listed as an existing C!

15-Jun-2018, 10:22
Wow, someone sold it and I bought it? I think that's correct. Now I don't even remember who sold it to me. Getting old:)

24-Jun-2018, 07:12
The C Euryscop lenses were sold (marked) that way for a short period in 1877.... from The Photographic Colorists' Guide By John L. Gihon published in 1878