View Full Version : Ebony SV45U with a Schneider XL 80mm f/4.5

Santiago Vanegas
4-Sep-2005, 11:38
I'd like to know if the Ebony SV45U with a Schneider XL 80mm f/4.5, has restricted camera movements when using a 6x9 roll film back.

Donald Hutton
4-Sep-2005, 14:43
With the 80mmXL, you do need to go to the wide angle configuration which makes movements slightly more cumbersome than normal (certainly front rise). With a lens this short, life is a lot easier with the proper wide angle bag bellows than with the universal bellows (if you're looking for some, shoot me an email).

Donald Hutton
4-Sep-2005, 15:25
I just put my 80XL on the SV45U and it does in fact focus at infinity without resorting to the wide angle configuration. If you use the bag bellows, getting the full 42mm of front rise is no problem; neither is full front shift. However, with the universal bellows, you will be pushing and pulling to get extensive movements.