View Full Version : Lens for 5x12 camera

Jim Noel
1-Jun-2018, 12:44
I am looking for a wider angle lens for my 5x12. My 10.75 Dagor covers beautifully , but while ideal for 7x17. is longer than I like for 5x12.
Something around 200-225 mm would have better angle of view. I prefer older lenses so long as they are in working shutters.
Any ideas? Anyone have such for sale?

Steve Goldstein
1-Jun-2018, 13:22
5x12 has basically the same diagonal as 8x10 (as does 7x11 for that matter) so any lens in your focal length range that covers 8x10 should do. In 210mm the Angulon (not Super Angulon), Computar, inside-lettering Fujinon W, and Apo Sironar W immediately come to mind, but you may not consider any of these to be "older lenses". The Zeiss Protar V may meet your needs. There are quite a few lenses listed on the link below, but unfortunately the table is sorted alphabetically by maker rather than by focal length.


Jim Noel
1-Jun-2018, 13:40
Thanks for your suggestions. The Computar is a good suggestion, too bad I sold mine about 15 years ago. the 210 Angulon and Protar V are also excellent suggestions. I'll have to search for them. The diagonal of 5x12 is 169mm, 5mm longer than 8x10 which is just enough to vignette corners with some lenses which cover 8x10. I have an inside lettered 210 Fujinon W which does so even at f45.
Thanks for your help.