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Santiago Vanegas
3-Sep-2005, 08:42
I've heard that the Ebony SV23 takes a Horseman angled viewfinder. I have not seen this accessory featured on their website. Is it discontinued? Is there another viewfinder other than Horseman that works on the SV23?

Danny Burk
3-Sep-2005, 09:15
Ebony doesn't produce a viewer. They're able to modify Horseman viewers, but the latter have unfortunately been discontinued.

I've suggested to Ebony that they produce a viewer, but the opinion was that sales wouldn't be sufficient to justify production. If you're interested, drop them a line and let them know; perhaps they might reconsider if demand warrants it.

Danny www.dannyburk.com

Santiago Vanegas
3-Sep-2005, 17:27
Thanks for your imput. I noticed on your website that you have extensive experience with the Ebony SV45U2. I've been looking for a field camera to shoot 6x9 that can fold up compact and light, a rigid structure, and which I can use a Schneider Super Symmar XL 80mm/4.5 without restricting camera movements. So far, my favorite option is the Ebony SV23U. The only thing that I don't like about this camera is that it there are no viewfinders that can be used on it. However, Ebony makes the bellows focusing hood for the SV45U2. So I'm thinking that maybe the SV45U2 could be the right camera for me. My question to you about this camera is, would the Schneider 80mm restrict camera movements on the SV45U2?
Santiago Vanegas

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George Hart
4-Sep-2005, 05:08
Santiago, if you are looking for a camera for 6x9 which will give full movements on the 80 mm XL lens, you should also consider the non-folding Ebonies (and other makes eg Arca-Swiss). It may be possible to focus this lens at infinity on your current front-runner, the SV23, without going into "wide-angle" mode, but movements would be much more restricted than on a non-folder, and bag bellows may be necessary. The Ebony non-folders come in 2 main sorts, the SW with a fixed back (except rise), full wide-angle capability and limited extension, and the S with movements on the back standard and longer bellows draw. FWIW I shoot mainly 6x9 on the 45S, which I bought instead of the 23S for several reasons, including more front rise capability with the Apo-Grandagon 55 mm lens, ability to view a bigger area than the 6x9 frame, combined 4x5 use, and potentially easier resale. But if you don't use longer lenses, the SW may be right for you. Feel free to email me if you need more info.