View Full Version : Crazy Lens Auction?

Steven Tribe
29-May-2018, 05:40
I make this 29 lenses of some age - from 1900 and before. Obviously not stored in perfect conditions. Just about impossible to identify more than a few (the Ross loupe, for instance). Not for the faint heart internet bidder. The usual difference between the auctioneer's estimate and the actual selling price!

Good names, but they all made some very ordinary lenses.

Andrew Plume
29-May-2018, 05:49
Crazy very much so

I was watching this for a couple of days, the bids then were 340, meaning that it would have been at least 500 with the usual add on's etc. I felt that there was little there of interest and the likely condition spoke for itself - there have been very few large misc brass lots at a UK auction for sometime, which imo accounts for the price realised


Steven Tribe
29-May-2018, 06:06
I have just noticed the previous lot, which was even more mixed, made 1300. It look like all the "black" finish lenses went into that lot whilst all the brass finish went into the second lot! Auctioneer logic.

I dare not think of the kinds of damage made to glass with all the rummaging that has taken place before the auction!

29-May-2018, 07:15
I watched bids climb before today. Estimates were either enticing or way out to say the least!

29-May-2018, 16:01
Idk the big brass lenses can be cleaned up and sold to wet platers for $500 a pop, who even won the lot will make bank!

29-May-2018, 17:23
I love old lenses as much as anyone, but I'm thinking that what we have here are two boxes of mildew.

Kent in SD