View Full Version : What are these lenses?

28-May-2018, 15:38
Anyone have info on these two lenses and are they any good for something?

28-May-2018, 17:15
My guess they are very fine enlarging lenses that could also work on cameras. Fun to check out the images they throw!

28-May-2018, 17:33
Maybe from a graphic copy camera? The type used for lithographic negatives for making printing plates.

Dan Fromm
28-May-2018, 18:10
Hmm. A Kilfitt Fern-Kilar front element. If I recall correctly -- someone else look it up -- Fern-Kilars are long focal length achromatic doublets, were used for small format cameras. If that's all they are, the thing should form an image.

One 12"/9 Apo-Ronar in barrel. An outstanding process lens, very good at distance. I don't know whether the lens shown, which was made for a copy camera, has cells that will fit in a standard shutter.