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28-May-2018, 13:19
Last year I got to print some large images at my school. I made some prints of 1x1,2 meters. I wanted to do some more but my darkroom was not equipped to do such a thing. And no money to start looking into DIY solutions. Fast forward a year. 2 weeks ago I went back to my former school to do another session of large format printing. It stil is awesome to do so now I have started to get the neccesary stuff to do it myself in my own darkroom. Step 1 was to get some gutters and cut them up to roughly 1,33 m each. A lot of glue and presto gutters that can hold enough water. Next I have to build a plate that can stand up straight so I can attach the paper to it. I have the wood and stuff but I need to figure out how to make the stand. Anyway a photo of the gutters:

28-May-2018, 13:36
Excellent work on the gutter trays!
So you have an enlarger that tilts 90, is that correct?

28-May-2018, 14:17
It should but it is not working somehow. I have the Durst L184. I know which part i have to loosen or which knob to loosen but the head isn't doing anything. Guess i have to take the head apart to see what is wrong. So my first test will be makin a print the size of the base plate of the enlarger.

7-Jun-2018, 12:56
I figured the enlarger issue out. I made some test prints with the head in the normal position. And I made a video and a blog about it:

8-Jun-2018, 01:04
I really liked that video; nice work! Great to see that your plan worked out as intended.

Thodoris Tzalavras
8-Jun-2018, 04:31
Thanks for sharing this!

8-Jun-2018, 07:34
You know what they say about guys with big enlargers...big prints! :) So, that video was fascinating, but I have a question: How do you get even development? Doesn't the paper stick to itself and prevent developer from getting in there? Same with the stop?

9-Jun-2018, 14:42
Because you keep rolling the paper it will get new developper. So the developping is failry even if done good. That is why I have enough testing paper to get that right. :-)