View Full Version : A Packard (/other shutter) for a Nicola Perscheid (42cm) barrel lens on a Cambo 8X10

27-May-2018, 14:58
I recently bought a Cambo 8X10 monorail in order to get a a mint Emil Busch "Nicola Perscheid" 42cm, F/4.5 soft focus portrait lens back in business after being stored for about 80 years. My great grandfather used to own this lens and Im now planning to use it for portraits. Im having a custom made lens board being made to fit the lens (which is huge) to the front element. There is a nice lens cover to expose manually. I will probably try using the lens cover for manual exposure but it would be good to have shutter options. Does anyone have experience with fitting a Packard (or similar shutter) into a Cambo 8x10? The other option would maybe be to use a shutter in front of the lens. Any suggestions?
With regard to using the lens cover/manual technique. What slow film would you reccommend and I would love to hear practical suggestions on how to expose using this manual technique?

27-May-2018, 15:09
Aside from putting even more weight out front, I prefer mounting the shutter in front, facing backwards, piston in front. That makes it easy to manually lift the piston to focus, so you don't need to pull and replace the pin, and if you're clever you can make mounts to fit it to other lenses, too.

Steven Tribe
27-May-2018, 15:41
Your Great Grandfather must have had this on a substantial more solid camera than a Cambo 8x10. I take you (he!) are (was!) in continental Europe, so he would have had (probably) a Grundner shutter mounted on the rear of the front standard with a square bellows giving a lot of space!. A grundner takes up a lot less space than a Packard does for the same aperture. Front mounting a packard is doable but would look pretty dreadful!

28-May-2018, 00:34
If the rear diameter of the lens permits, and you can adapt it t the Cambo front standard, a Sinar Copal shutter might be an option.