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Mike Cockerham
2-Sep-2005, 10:41
Can someone tell me the difference between a Kodak View #2 and a Kodak 2D. I need a back rail for a view #2.

Dan Dozer
2-Sep-2005, 11:15

Not sure if this will help or not. I don't know the differences (if any) between the two. However, I was looking for a back rail for my 8 x 10 2D. I was able to find a replacement front rail on Ebay, and the front and back rails are the same. Only thing I needed to do was take off the hinge and it fits on the back fine. You might want to see if the front rail will fit your back position if the hinge was removed. It might increase your chances of finding something that will work.

Brian Ellis
3-Sep-2005, 08:54
I don't know the differences either but if you buy a back rail of any kind you should do so with the right to return it if it doesn't work properly. With the 2D Kodak individually matched each back rail to the particular camera for which it was made and put the serial number of the camera on the back rail. If you buy a back rail that wasn't made for your camera, especially if it's a back rail from a 2D that you plan to put on a Kodak View, you run a risk that it won't work properly even if the overall dimensions are right.

Mike Cockerham
3-Sep-2005, 12:41
Thanks Guys

There is a Kodak view 2 for sale on the auction site for parts, I need to try for it I guess.


Don Wallace
6-Sep-2005, 08:16
Getting a second camera for parts is a good idea but make sure the rear rail is from the camera and not just thrown in. I got burned on ebay because the back rail did not match. The pitch of the teeth was different and it was a huge pain in the arse to move. It was possible, but it was a wrestling match. Rear rails were often the first thing to go missing on these cameras.