View Full Version : Seeing the Changes Part Two

2-Sep-2005, 09:13
There is a wonderful book and CDROM of the rephotographing of the West.

See the site here: www.thirdview.org/3v/home/index.html (http://www.thirdview.org/3v/home/index.html)

Erik Gould
2-Sep-2005, 12:09
Thanks, jj-- it's a great site too.

Eric Rose
2-Sep-2005, 15:54
outstanding site.

Alec Jones
2-Sep-2005, 22:02
Great site. I've got the "Second View" and it is one of my favorite books. I can't wait to get this one too.

BTW, this is a good "subject finder" for those looking for something new to photograph. Find some pics of a local scene shot long ago and go find "the tripod holes". It is fun, interesting and informative.