View Full Version : 14x17 Infrared

Craig Wactor
1-Sep-2005, 18:29
I bought some 14x17 inch Kodak Medical IR film on ebay as an experiment. It was really cheap. It appears to be made for some kind of laser printer. The only info Kodak had online that helped was a sensitivity chart that shows it is sensitive to blue light and IR light.
Anyway, I tried some tests, and while it is reeeaaallllyy slow (ASA 1/20th), it makes a nice blue negative. I have only cut and shot 4x5 sheets, but am trying it on my 11x14 soon. With a red filter in full Arizona sun, the exposure is around 3 min. @ f/22. This lends to some interesting motion blur.
Has anyone else ever tried this kind of film in a camera?

Diane Maher
2-Sep-2005, 08:16
Never heard of it, but it sounds like it would be really neat.

Oren Grad
2-Sep-2005, 09:09
Craig, those 11x14 Fidelity holders aren't called "medical cassettes" for nothing... ;-)

Andrew O'Neill
2-Sep-2005, 18:02
When you can, upload some images so we can have a look.

Craig Wactor
4-Sep-2005, 17:15
will do!