View Full Version : Mounting the Tele Xenar 360/5.5

21-May-2018, 15:27
This behemoth arrived in the mail today, and I'm a little unsure about mounting it. Shown below are all the bits and pieces that came with it (the lens is in a Copal 3 shutter).


I've got the shutter, the front and rear elements, a retaining ring with a lip set into the back of it, what appears to be an extension ring to create space between the lens board and shutter, which has enough space inside of it for the retaining ring to screw in, and a shallow dish kind of thing that resembles a lens hood for the rear element.

Now, I think the way this is meant to be put together is with the spacer laid flat against the back of the shutter, the lens board laid on top of that, then the hood put on top of the lens board, and the retaining ring screwed in through everything, holding it all together. The problem I'm running into is that (a) the raised ridge around the opening of my Linhof board keeps the lens hood thing elevated, which means that the retaining ring has gone tight before even getting a full turn in and is very, very easy to release, and (b) with the hood attached, the whole assembly doesn't fit through the opening on my linhof -> sinar lens board adapter.

So I guess my questions are (1) am I putting this together right? And (2) what exactly is that lens-hood-looking piece supposed to do, and would it be bad if I left it off? Because without that in place the whole thing comes together neatly and fits perfectly in the lens board. It'll be somewhat annoying if I have to get a whole full sized lens board just for this one lens.

21-May-2018, 15:29
Also, I can find at least one listing for this thing that doesn't include the piece that looks like a lens hood, so I'm assuming it's not strictly necessary, but what's its purpose? The only light coming into the bellows should be coming through the lens, so I don't know what good a lens hood would do on the inside of the shutter. Plus it's barely even as deep as the rear element to begin with.

22-May-2018, 06:38
The hood thing needs to be left out. I had one of these, it had no rear hood. Probably doesn't go with that lens at all, or if so, it was for some other special purpose not needed in your situation. Everything else you mention is correct (order of assembly).

22-May-2018, 15:36
Well that's good news, thanks