View Full Version : WD2D+ and stand development

Scott Davis
1-Sep-2005, 15:22
Has anyone had any experience with using WD2D+ for stand development? I would be interested in trying some, but I wanted to know if there was a known baseline to begin from. Would just half normal working strength be a good beginning? (normal is 1:1:100 I believe)

1-Sep-2005, 16:33
Scott, I use wd2d+ but with brush development. You may want to talk to Sandy King who has done extensive testing on pyro developers. I use his formula that he uses for rotary development and applied it to brush development...2-2-40. I have been getting 9 and 10 minute development times to achieve e density range of 1.50-1.65..Now this is a very agressive mixture but I'm not sure how well Wimberly's formula works for stand development seeing agitation is a very important part of the process. Sandy could steer you in the right direction. It works great with brush development though.... great highlights.