View Full Version : 717 Expansion Back for KMV

G Benaim
21-May-2018, 07:44
In my search for a 717 I've been testing my lenses for coverage w a 717 plastic gg on my 810 kmv, and it occurred to me that one could just build an expansion back to fit the kmv pins. The main problem I can foresee is the shape of the kmv bellows, as it vignettes the panoramic gg unless I compress them to about 150mm. One idea I had was to have a kind of rigid cone built between the back and the gg in the shape of the 717, so you end up using the kmv bellows for only the portion where it doesn't vignette. But I'd welcome your thoughts on this, curious if anyone else has tried an expansion back on a fixed bellows camera. Thanks,


Oren Grad
21-May-2018, 08:15
This earlier discussion may be of interest:


G Benaim
21-May-2018, 09:47
Thanks Oren, I'll take a look.