View Full Version : Fujinon 90mm f/5.6 useable for 4x5 Crown Graphic?

21-May-2018, 04:59
Sorry if it has been discussed, but I just joined the group and did a quick search without any luck. I would like to get a 90mm Fuji lens for my Crown Graphic and wanted to know if the f/5.6 will fit. I understand the movement limitations of the Crown and have considered the pros/cons of the f/8 version, but need to know about the 5.6.

If itís in a Copal 0 shutter, will any Crown Copal 0 lens board work?

Thank you so much,

Dan Fromm
21-May-2018, 07:47
Why do you think it won't fit? The rear cell's OD is 80 mm, check the size of the front standard's lens throat. If the rear cell won't clear, you can attach it to the camera by unscrewing the rear cell, mounting board with shutter and front cell, and reattaching the rear cell through the back of the camera. Impossible with a spring back, not that big a problem with a Graflok back.

All Copal #0 shutters fit the same mounting hole.

21-May-2018, 11:02
Thanks, Dan. I have a spring back, but Iíll check the lens throat size tonight to be sure.