View Full Version : Attaching a leather handle onto the top of a Chamonix?

20-May-2018, 16:29
Really want to attach a leather handle onto the top of my Chamonix. Has anyone done this? Before drilling the holes for the handle, really want to make sure the design for the handle is one that is sturdy and works. Hopefully someone out there has successfully done this. Are 2 bolts better than 2 screws at each end of the handle? Loved the handle on the 8x10 Deardorff I once owned. My first 8x10 camera was a B&J wooden flat bed VC. A previous owner, I believe, replaced the handle and screws. When I got the camera, tugged up suddenly on the handle and screws pulled out on one end of the handle. Ended up replacing the screws with bolts, and the handle served for the next probably 20 years.

Also anyone know of the availability of Deardorff style leather handles?

Keith Pitman
20-May-2018, 16:36

20-May-2018, 17:03
The method I use with a strap and upper retainers is to use small T-nuts above bellows, below the frame. Place the two upper strap retainers; use their holes to guide your drill which is the size to fit the T-nut's screw. Drill. Then use a larger drill the size of the outside diameter of the T-nut shaft in each hole. Finally, push each T-nut up into the wood frame, place the strap under the retainers, screw them into the T-nuts. Guaranteed that this stronger than, for example, Deardorff's rivets.

20-May-2018, 18:16
I put a plastic handle off a trashed violin case on my new Intrepid 8x10, which came with no handle on top. Fit perfectly, held by three screws on each side.

Tin Can
25-May-2018, 05:56
Bolts, washers, and nuts.