View Full Version : 8 1/2 inch Commercial Ektar

19-May-2018, 16:37
Proud new owner of this old boy. Can anyone suggest someone to do a CLA on it? Thanks in advance.

20-May-2018, 11:45
Paul Ebel has done good work for me. I think he is still out there.


David Karp
20-May-2018, 12:23
Carol Miller from Flutot's Camera Repair in Whittier, CA.

20-May-2018, 15:46
I second Paul. Very fast turnaround and excellent work.

Robert Opheim
21-May-2018, 10:11
I had Carol rebuild a old wollensak shutter - she was able to even come up with some missing parts.

Leszek Vogt
21-May-2018, 17:29
I had Carol repair the shutter on my 12" Ektar....it would not even move. Sher did a fine job.