View Full Version : FP4 backward in the holder

19-May-2018, 15:20
I had one of those uh-oh moments while unloading film from the holder while putting it into the tank. Not sure if I reversed it in hand or if the film was in the holder backward.

How many stops would you guess the antihalation dye would impose? 2 maybe?

Fortunately the scene was 8.5 stops and exposed toward the higher end, so I have some wiggle room in picking development time between N- and N-2. And the notches are on the wrong side so it was backward.
I went with N- and it came out ok as far as density goes and still has some texture in dark foliage.
Printing will tell the tale if focus or other factors come into play.

19-May-2018, 16:28
I once exposed tmax100 the wrong way around. Lost about 3 stops I reckon.