View Full Version : General Scientific Metra Scienar 24in f11 info.

18-May-2018, 15:39
Going through some of my lenses today, and I came across something I wasn't familiar with.

Anyone have any info on General Scientific process lenses? I've done a few searches and haven't come up with much. I found one reference to a Metra Scienar Apochromat in the same length and fstop, but I'm not sure that's the same lens.

What I have is a General Scientific Metra Scienar Process 24in f11 lens.

Any help is appreciated!

18-May-2018, 16:39
Have come across 2 General Scientific lenses for sale over the years. Sellers both told me that General Scientific was a company located in NYC. Both lenses were barrel WA lenses made for use with an 8x10, but bought neither because, as you noted, couldn't find any info on the General Scientific optics.

Louis Pacilla
18-May-2018, 17:32
I'm about 99% sure they did not manufacture lenses but scientific/process equipment and this may be a rebranded 24" f11 RD Artar or could be a Rodenstock APO Ronar. All that said you should be the best one to answer the type/design of lens by counting the reflections in each cell.

This General Scientific Co. should not be confused with the early 1900's lens manufacturer by the name of "The Scientific Lens Co." out of NY NY and gone by the 1920's-30's

25-May-2018, 09:09
Anyone else?

Love to see some information on coverage/coatings/ etc if you've heard of this lens.

Thanks Louis, but I'm well aware that they're two different companies!