View Full Version : Keeping a Tail Board Camera Closed

Brian Ellis
1-Sep-2005, 09:06
I have an 8x10 Kodak 2D camera that has lost the latch or whatever it was that kept the camera closed when carrying it. The 2D is a typical "tailboard" camera, i.e. to open it the camera itself is raised up and back from the front rail. If there isn't something to hold the camera and front rail together when carrying it then obviously the camera will flop open. I'm presently using two Velcro strips to hold it together. That works but I'd like something a little more elegant and attractive and closer to whatever was originally there than these two black Velcro strips. Does anyone have any suggestions for things that might be used to keep the camera together and where they might be obtained?

Alec Jones
1-Sep-2005, 09:22
I'd check with Richard Ritter. If he doesn't have it, he can make it.


Ben Calwell
1-Sep-2005, 10:48

There's an 8x10 Kodak 2D on Ebay right now that's in pieces being sold "as is." The piece you need might in the mix.

John Cook
1-Sep-2005, 11:06
Brian, woodworkers are always building little jewelry boxes and chests which use this type of snap or catch.

One of several useful sources is Lee Valley. If you can spare the time, I would recommend asking for their entire (free) hardware catalogue. Like their tool and gardening catalogues, it is a thing of beauty.

If speed is an issue, here is the web page:


Jeremy Moore
1-Sep-2005, 14:42
I used a bungie cord to keep the the tail up on my 5x7 B&J which came with the bungie cord when I bought it and I passed the bungie cord along with the camera when I sold it. Worked wonderfully.

Terence McDonagh
1-Sep-2005, 16:02
I too use a small bungee cord. It comes in handy for stabilizing the camera or hanging my bag when photographing.

The Lee Valley approach would be more elegant. And their catalogs have an honored place in the smallest room of my apartment. They have tools and hardware to solve problems you never knew you had.

Todd Wright
1-Sep-2005, 16:34
Was your camera modified? Front tilt. If so you do not want the bar across the top of the camera. I would stick with the Velcro.

Chauncey Walden
1-Sep-2005, 18:19
Brian, I believe a tailboard camera has the front standard fixed to the board and the rear standard moves to focus, so the 2D doesn't qualify as one. My 2D, a 7x11, had the normal swiveling hook and pin arrangement to keep the rail vertical. You could use the rear tilt to adjust the tension on the hook.

Brian Ellis
1-Sep-2005, 19:39
Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, the camera was modified to add front tilt. The Velcro works fine and maybe I'll just stay with it, this isn't a big deal I was just kind of wishing for something that looked a little better. I'll check out the Lee Valley catalog. Thanks again.