View Full Version : Sinar P2 Chrome ??!

Ling Z
1-Sep-2005, 00:51
Have you seen a Sinar P2 Chrome version? Look at this eBay listing (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7542755325 /). It's abviously a Sinar P, and I don't think the seller does not know about it.

tor kviljo
1-Sep-2005, 01:20
certainly a sinar P Any "P-type" camera that have the gar selector knob behind knob for swing & tilt is a P. The main asset of the P to P2 upgrade were to dismiss the one-wheel + gear selector in favour of having two coaxial wheels for swing & tilt, so it's impossible to mistake a P for a P2, and I have never seen a chrome P2... However, since the markings P, P2 is not obvious on the camera (it's on the rear focussing-knob collar....), any unknowing guy having a P and trying to find what model it is will easily stumble across pictures of P2 on the net & make assumptions...

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
1-Sep-2005, 08:34
Looks identical to my aged Sinar P.

Donald Brewster
1-Sep-2005, 15:59
They have it listed as a Sinar P in the ad.