View Full Version : large format classifieds?

dan otranto
31-Aug-2005, 10:44
looking for a site that has listings for 8x10 cameras

is photo.net the only one?

steve simmons
31-Aug-2005, 10:47
View Camera has classified ads on its site

steve simmons


John C Murphy
31-Aug-2005, 11:06
here's the link:

View Camera magazine (http://www.viewcamera.com)

Matthew Cordery
31-Aug-2005, 11:40
i always check craigslist. not necessarily "large format" but i often find stuff there.

Matthew Cordery
31-Aug-2005, 11:41
for example: http://seattle.craigslist.org/for/94484806.html

David Karp
31-Aug-2005, 12:35
Try the classifieds on APUG.ORG also.

Ole Tjugen
31-Aug-2005, 12:36
APUG (http://www.apug.org) is one forum with classifieds.

F32 (http://www.f32.net) is another LF forum with classifieds.

Jon Shiu
31-Aug-2005, 14:58
also the AZO forum